Winn Attorney at Law (” WINN”) is based in Indonesia, With over a decade of experience, the partners at WINN has been trusted among numerous notable domestic and foreign companies that ranges across various industries. Our consistent proficiency and hard work have proven many successes in facilitating and assisting legal projects covering the fields of both corporation and litigation.

These include, but not limited to, banking, licensing, financial restructuring, merger & acquisitions, project financing, bankruptcy, general commercial disputes and intellectual property enforcements. WINN is highly client-driven where we prioritize and put forward the best interest of our clients in the most efficient and effective ways. Our attorneys are equipped with in-depth knowledge of the law and driven by passions to contribute to the legal development and society’s improvement. Our team are well-trained with the agility to adapt with the individual needs of our clients. The scope of our firm continues to expands in understanding complex local regulations, international governance, industry development and corporate strategies.

Further, we continue to expand and strengthen our relationships with key industry players as well as local government and state-owned enterprises. We put high values on building relations with our clients and always seek for long-term strategic relationships. The scope of our services ranges from general to ad-hoc services depending on the needs and requirements of our clients. Our team has vast experiences in catering companies at different stages of development with various legal complexities. Nevertheless, WINN always prioritize to deliver the best interests of our clients. We believe in team working with active collaboration and creative thinking. Henceforth, our progressive enforcement is always completed with effective methods of communication.


Has work experience of over a decade, is able to handle a variety of cases.


Work in a professional and structured manner so that everything is done according to procedures and has a lawyer who has high flying hours


With high integrity and enthusiasm for work. our success in working on a case that is client satisfaction is our priority