WINN Credential

2009 Credential
PT Citra Margatama SBY

Financial restructure of PT Citra Margatama Surabaya as concession holder toll road from Waru to Juanda Airport.
US$ 95 million

2010 Credential
Educational TV Station

Financial restructuring and bankruptcy on one of national largest educational TV station.

2011 Credential
The Largest Mine Rail of South Kalimantan

Financial restructure for one of largest mining railroad of 28.5km in South Kalimantan US$ 112 million

2012 Credential
Largest Beverage Brand

Won in one of nation’s largest trademark dispute for consumer-based product producer in traditional herb based beverages

2013-2014 Credential
South Kalimantan Transportation Company

Recovery from one of Sulawesi Selatan transportation company on behalf of one of the largest National Bank.
US$ 30 million

2015 Credential
PT Toyota Tusho Indonesia

Advisor to JV establishment of PT Toyota Tusho Indonesia, PT Toyota Tusho Asia Pacific, Malayan Flour Mills Berhad, Toyota Tusho Corporation and PT FKS Capital.

2017 Credential
Indonesia's Largest Sanitation

Won in an unprecedented cancelation claim against 94 industrial design certificates on behalf of the largest Indonesia sanitary producers & associations.